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Do You Want To Become One Of The VIP Models Escorts?

London escort service has gained significant popularity throughout the world. Thus, it is essential that VIP escort models should be able to meet the highly defined standards of a true world-class courtesan.

La Belle Affaire’s VIP members come from different regions and countries across the globe. As one of the renowned high-class escort agency, La Belle Affaire ensures that all of our VIP escort models are high standard and of the highest quality. We have a very stringent process when it comes to model selections. We do not resort to mediocrity, as we remain faithful to our words about providing our VIP members the most promising, passionate, and highly satisfying escort service. Our model’s beauties are exceptional and brings forth exciting aesthetic pleasure.

The best VIP Escorts Experiences

If you think this way, you deserve to be one on the list of our VIP models escorts, do not hesitate to submit yourself in our casting process. We do not involve bias and prejudice against race, religion, and culture in our selection. Whether you are an Asian, European, American, or Latina among others, you are all welcome to our company. Show us what you have and you will experience how a high-class escort agency provides you fame and opportunities.

How our process starts?
It does not matter whether you have already gained a significant length of experience, or you are a newbie to the game. Our agency will help you become one of the most in-demand elite models in the industry. You will be undergoing series of training before engaging yourself to the sensually-driven, superbly exciting reality of escort service. Since we are a professional agency, we value our models. You will never be pressured to perform the things that make you uncomfortable. However, you should be expecting that most instances will require you to show off your abilities. Should both of us feel a mutual understanding, we will both be looking forward on your online portfolio.

What are the qualities that we look for in our VIP models?
• You should be over 18 years old, and under 35 years old.
• You will need to have a fluent level of the English language. If you know other foreign languages, it would be an advantage.
• Because you will be traveling a lot of times, you should have a great interest in travelling both domestic and international settings.
• You should have an open-minded and adventurous character. You should always be ready for new ideas and experiences.
• In dealing with our VIP clients, you should be a good facilitator when it comes to relationship building. You need to be proactive in dealing or communicating with them. More importantly, you should know how to react to all kinds of situations that you are experiencing.
• You should be goal oriented and well-motivated every day. You should be well-mannered, polite, passionate and sensual, smart, and confident.
• When it comes to physical appearance, you should have a model figure. The entails of good body shape, attractive facial features, fantastic hair, smooth skin, and maintains a perfectly good personal hygiene.
If you think you meet the criteria and you are ready to face the challenge, do not wait to get in touch with us. However, if you are hesitant because you are not sure about some of the qualities listed above; just get in touch with us. We will see how things will work out for the both of us.

What do we offer to our VIP Elite models?

Working as one of our VIP Elite models will provide you wide array of opportunities. As you will be serving our high-profile VIP members, you are guaranteed with full safety and security. You will experience the most expensive hotels and villas, unlimited international travels, sumptuous international cuisines, business class engagements, and all other first class accommodations. More importantly, you will be gaining more profits.

If you are ready to become part of our high class escort agency, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us! Call us or email us today!