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The Best 5 Adult Entertainment in London

Adult Entertainment In London

Asian Model Escorts London A consultant was working in London and had spent six months living in a hotel near Mayfair. His contract was to expire in six months’ time and towards the end he decided that he should look for someone to spend a night with in his hotel room. He met Candy who […]

Escorts First day on the Job

escorts in london

London has become the best place for escorts, with a huge demand for girls and well-wheeled businessmen paying high amounts for services, new girls are frequently being brought in every day. More agencies are coming up some are occasionally doing sex parties, lowering prices and adding kinkier things to attract more clients. Other Up-market agencies […]

Escorts Don’t Sell Sex

escort in london

With many London businessmen seeking escorts; this has brought about a host of online agencies to cater for this demand. Most of these pretty girls are from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania for EU laws have made it easy for Europeans to move to London.  Escorts in London are cheaper as compared to their UK […]

Escort Reveals 5 Things You Need to Know in Bed

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Most men think that taking a woman to shop; buying her expensive jewelry will make her stay glued to them forever. That is a big lie, for men who care to listen; it is not just about the money but what you do in bed. Shared below are things you must know, read and save […]

Basic Escort and Adult Entertainment Terms

London has become the escort capital of Europe, with EU passport laws and the opening of borders by Britain nothing can stop the escort business. Most of the clients are international businessmen who want the escorts to look like their model girlfriends. Rising numbers of escorts are working girls who want good money for short […]

What It’s Like to Be an Escort

Being an escort can be fun and thrilling; you are exposed to many interesting people, you visit many places across the world meeting clients, and well, it pays handsomely. However, like with all jobs, escorting requires one to be disciplined and focused!  Some of the clients you’ll meet include wealthy and elite gentlemen, celebrities, and […]

Escort’s Hot Tip: It’s Not Just About The Sex

Hot elite model escort in London

Are you an aspiring escort looking to venture into this lucrative adult entertainment industry? Or are you an escort already and looking to up your game? Well, the very first and most important thing to note is that it is not always about sex! In fact, every successful escort will tell you that sex plays […]

How to Spend Time with Escorts and Save as Fortune on Dating

Hot young brunette companion

Dating is expensive and it does not come easy. Building a relationship and getting to know and understand a person well enough requires a lot of effort. A lot of money is involved too. A man may opt out of dating and instead spend time with escorts for a number of reasons. Women are of […]

Office Romance Is Tricky Stuff Try An Escort Instead

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There’s an old adage that you should never taste the honey where you make your money. In simpler terms, this is often used to warn people against office romance or dating co-workers. It’s always a risky affair and many people have learn the hard way just why they should not have dated their colleagues in […]

Things To Do In London For Men

london nightlife

Clearly, London is one of the best cities to visit in the world. It combines a variety of activities that would thrill even the choosiest person. A financial hub, a cultural melting point, a sporting tradition, historical monuments and architecture; London is so many things combined into one. As a man planning to visit alone […]