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Basic Escort and Adult Entertainment Terms

Basic Escort and Adult Entertainment Terms

London has become the escort capital of Europe, with EU passport laws and the opening of borders by Britain nothing can stop the escort business. Most of the clients are international businessmen who want the escorts to look like their model girlfriends.

Rising numbers of escorts are working girls who want good money for short periods; they jet in on Fridays, are home by Monday and speak fluent English.

However; new slang terms have become common and hilarious among the girls. Whether you think this kind of language is appropriate or not, real vocabulary like this is important to know and understand for it's used often.

  • Hump- This is a term that may sound childish, but is mostly used by escorts in London. This is basically the motion you make when thrusting your hip forward during sex.


  • Hotline Bling- This is when a client calls an escort to come over simply because they want to have sex. It is similar to a booty call.


  • Sascrotch- Refers to someone's pubic region that has not been shaved in a while and is maybe getting out of control.


  • Snatchchat- Refers to a nude photo send by an escort to her client.

This is when a client gyrates his testicles during sex.


  • Netflix and chill- Watching Netflix and chill mean that someone wants to have sex with you in a few minutes into watching a movie.
  • Bone- A bone is an erection. If one says they are boning it simply means they are having an erection.
  • Post boned - This is whereby one is running late because of an unexpected sexual encounter.


  • Dopplebanger_ When you have sex with someone because they look like someone who you really want to bang.


  • Shag- Refers to having sex, sometimes used sarcastically in the US. This might not be too common in London though." Root" is also similar to the word shag.



  • Side chick- Refers to a girl who has sex with someone in another relationship. Can refer to a girl going out with a married man.
  • Hooker – Used to mean a prostitute or a whore.


  • Bawd- Used to refer to someone who runs a brothel, mostly a woman.


  • Courtesan- Refers to a lady who has sexual relationships with wealthy men for money.


  • Hussy/ nymphet_ Is a loose woman who gives into sex easily.


  • Masturwait- Refers to when waiting for pornography on your computer so as to buffer in the middle of masturbation.


Final thoughts

With the huge demand for girls to work as escorts in London and desire for a better pay, some girls travel to Dublin, Manchester, or Glasgow. Agencies arrange their travel as well as book clients for them but it is paramount for them to familiarize themselves with these basic terms for they are commonly used in the escort business.

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