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Escorts First day on the Job

Escorts First day on the Job

London has become the best place for escorts, with a huge demand for girls and well-wheeled businessmen paying high amounts for services, new girls are frequently being brought in every day.

More agencies are coming up some are occasionally doing sex parties, lowering prices and adding kinkier things to attract more clients. Other Up-market agencies don't book European girls over fears that they may have been coerced into the business.

Clients consist of Saudis, Chinese, and mega-wealthy Qataris. Some girls definitely are a pick because they are virgins. However, escorts first day on the job can be a nightmare for many;

Feeling of Comfort

In London, most escorts are from Poland, Russia, Latvia, and Ukraine but are able to go to top hotels and no one stops them for there are no restrictions. Most clients being wealthy want the escorts to look classy thus, buy them designer clothes, jewelry, and take them to expensive restaurants.

The clients don't just want sex but want it kinky, as a result, end up paying up to 20,000 pounds in one visit. This makes the escorts feel comfortable and appreciated.

Too concerned to impress

Some escorts on their first day are too concerned to give the client a good performance until they don't feel it when the guy ejaculates! Some clients are considerate enough to state what turns them on, some oral sex, some a hand job, but for others licking a pretty girl drive them crazy.

Nerve wrecking feelings

It's normal to feel nervous and fearful meeting a client for the first time. But realizing that some clients are also new in the business, this is somehow comforting for both. Being an escort can feel traumatic but ends when clients leave large amounts of cash on the table as a way of appreciation for quality services.

Wild imaginations

Despite the fact that some escorts put their adverts on the websites when a client replies and sets up a meeting, that's when all sorts of imaginations begin. Some imagine being arrested, their pictures in the papers, what their family will say if they get to know they are escorts. Others imagine being choked to death, so many horrible thoughts. Others even regret getting into the escort business but have no option but risk for they have bills to pay.

Worship Experiences

Most escorts absolutely expect to be degraded and used. But with welcoming warm smiles by clients, being offered extra cash at the end, they instead end up feeling like they have just been worshipped for their services. Most tend to like that.


Escort business continues to blossom in London because of high rates of unemployment in neighboring countries and EU rules allowing foreign escorts earn tax-free. However it is not easy for most escorts on their first day, due to fear and lack of information on how to impress clients, but with the help of the many agencies in the business, they are able to catch up.

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