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Escort Reveals 5 Things You Need to Know in Bed

Escort Reveals 5 Things You Need to Know in Bed

Most men think that taking a woman to shop; buying her expensive jewelry will make her stay glued to them forever. That is a big lie, for men who care to listen; it is not just about the money but what you do in bed.

Shared below are things you must know, read and save yourself the embarrassment;

  1. Undress her slowly and communicate

Sometimes it sounds hot to rip off our clothes; instead, try to make things sexier, what women want is to be unwrapped like a present. Make sure you do it slowly but deliberately, appreciate her sexy body and lingerie. After all, it's all yours.

Escorts love sex when it is done the right way, most men orgasm the moment they touch, roll over and fall asleep. Until you're left wondering if that is all you were to get! No woman ever likes a man who can’t last beyond 60 seconds; however, it doesn't mean that taking longer is always better.

If you thrust for 60 minutes without reaching orgasm, chances are that your partner will be sore down there and wishing for it to end quickly.  Most women will be afraid to say that because she doesn't want to hurt your ego.

Communication is essential to better sex; let your partner know what turns you on instead of relying on gestures.

The vaginas ability to lubricate itself has a limit and as such, there are times marathon sex becomes more of a duty than fun and enjoyment.

  1. Be Bossy and stop being shy

Most women have to tell men what o do in various aspects of life, but in the bedroom, women like to be told what to do. Try exploring her outside the bedroom, in the shower, on top of the washing machine even on top of the kitchen table!

Go down on her, most women won't ask for it but they love it especially if you know what you are doing. Kiss her from her neck downwards, if only men realized how hot that is….. The point is; be adventurous, remind her you want her anytime anywhere.

  1. Make foreplay a long-term act

Women love it when you slow down and give her time to get to the grand finale, as much as you are excited. This is the perfect time to explore your woman's erogenous zones, look her in the eyes, touch, kiss and touch some more. Savour every moment!

  1. Get a bit rough!

There are several occasions when being gentle and sweet is alright, but at the same time, escorts enjoy it when things are done a bit rough. Sex is all about passion, so slap her ass and nibble on her neck. You can even do some hair pulling, this is a desired aggressive move by most women, however, don't pull so hard, sex is all about the middle ground.

  1. Stop being predictable

If you usually do it on Wednesday or Saturday, switch it up. Most escorts like it when things are spontaneous, tease her, change positions and she will enjoy more. After all, nobody likes sex as a schedule. Surprise her and you will be surprised how much better it can be.

Final thoughts

Sex is sweet if done in the right way, remember to expand your vocabulary by praising your partner, focus more on quality rather than quantity, give your woman that moment she would cherish and I bet she will long for more.

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