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Escort’s Hot Tip: It’s Not Just About The Sex

Escort's Hot Tip: It's Not Just About The Sex

Are you an aspiring escort looking to venture into this lucrative adult entertainment industry? Or are you an escort already and looking to up your game? Well, the very first and most important thing to note is that it is not always about sex! In fact, every successful escort will tell you that sex plays a small part of professional companionship. Instead, most clients are increasingly opting for an all rounded lady that can spice up their moments both inside and outside the bedroom. Thus, it’s up to you to sharpen your socializing and communication skills. Today’s typical escort is expected to be able to accompany a client to a formal setting like a meeting, and be able to fit in.

Consequently, we’re seeing more university and college graduates join the escort industry; they’re in high demand. Some of the leading escort agencies in London today are looking for a combination of what’s known as beauty and brains. This is to say that looks, ass size, and the body curves are not enough; you have to be intelligent and capable of indulging clients without struggling to keep up. Some years back, the physical appeal and curves were enough to land you a job at the leading agencies.  Today, this is not enough. You have to be fluent in at least more than one language, and be quite well exposed.

How to excel as an escort;

Communication skills; in order to excel as an escort, it is important that you improve your communication skills. Most clients nowadays are looking for a lady that knows what’s happening the world. Try and know at least a thing about everything; a bit about football, a bit about the weather, and so on so forth. Nothing turns on a man more than an intelligent, informed woman.

Your image; similarly, work to build an image of the escort you want to be seen to be. Learn to dress sexily without appearing slutty. Remember, men may giggle and ogle at a scantily dressed woman; but when it comes to hanging out, all men want to be seen with a decent, smartly dressed girl. As an escort, always dress sexily but smartly; that’ll take you far.

Learn another language; as an escort in a huge cosmopolitan city like London you don’t know the kind of client you’ll meet. Some clients, especially those visiting for business or in transit, aren’t so fluent in English. It’d be great if you can learn a foreign language like German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, to mention but a few. Some escort agencies will actually give priority to escorts that are bilingual, when hiring and recruiting.

Be informed and updated; there are very many forms of adult fun activities that don’t have to involve sex. As an escort, you must keep yourself abreast with such, as well as any new trends that come up. Also make a point of learning new skills like body massage, Yoga, Kama sutra, and other parts of pleasuring a man without necessarily having to indulge in sex.

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