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How to Spend Time with Escorts and Save as Fortune on Dating

How to Spend Time with Escorts

Dating is expensive and it does not come easy. Building a relationship and getting to know and understand a person well enough requires a lot of effort. A lot of money is involved too. A man may opt out of dating and instead spend time with escorts for a number of reasons.

Women are of diverse personalities. They have been branded as ‘demanding’ and ‘nagging’. Some women want the guy foot all the bills even when they have stable well-paying jobs. Dinners become very expensive considering that women will want to be taken out often. This pushes a man to the wall and when he can longer handle it, he’ll consider spending time with escorts. When dealing with escorts, there is no emotional baggage on the man, do demands and many do’s and don’ts. No one will keep your phone buzzing with text messages of where you are or what time you will be going home.

After investing in a relationship for a long time, spending money on dinners and gifts and being drained emotionally, it is every man’s dream to see the relationship grow and go to the next level probably marriage. If at one point the relationship breaks due to misunderstandings brought about by cheating and financial disagreements, a man feels frustrated and swears not to get into serious dating again. If it’s about sex, a man will always have a million alternatives. One of these is having sex with escorts. Escorts will offer quality and better sex than the girlfriend was offering. Their sex has no boundaries and will go to the extremes that the man wants.

Escorts are preferable because they are cost effective, the only thing a man will pay for is their services and pay for the bills accrued during the period he is with her. Dating requires daily footing of bills even when the sex offered is not up to the man’s standards. Any normal man wants sex that is out of this world and sometimes girlfriends don’t satisfy.

Most men hate being bossed around especially by their women. Some women are furious when the man does not complete a task. Other women limit their men from going out with their friends simply because they want to spend time with them. A man will opt to spend occasional but quality time with escorts. Escorts will not boss a man around since they treat him as a client and will want to please him.

An escort’s personal life does not bother a man. Her family background and financial status are her own problems. Men hate being involved in their women’s minutia. Sometimes women use these issues to deny their men sex. An escort will give a man sensual sex even when her life is falling apart, the sex will be as good as nothing is happening in the outside world.

Escorts are not jealous of their clients banging other girls, they actually don’t care who is banging who. A man will choose an escort over a committed date to avoid dramas that crop up from jealousy.

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