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How To Treat Your Hired Escort Well

How To Treat Your Hired Escort Well

One of the greatest blunders that most men make is assuming that once they have hired an escort, they can do as they wish with her. Well, this is just misguided! Truth of the matter is that hiring an escort is one thing; treating her well and respectfully is another. It is just like one would do with a typical girlfriend; you don’t stop treating her well the moment she moves in with you! Rather, you have to continue being good and impressive, you must continue being the good charming guy she fell for. That’s the only way to ensure that she’s always happy and ready to go out of her ways to please you.

  • Treating your escort well is the surest way to her heart. She wants to know and feel that you respect her that she’s wanted and desired. Some unromantic men cease the compliments and nice words the moment you’ve met her. But it should be the other way round; you have to keep up the charm and nice words all along.
  • There’s nothing that an escort values more than honesty. Honesty means being open about your emotional desires, but also about real and comfortable about who you are. If you can’t make it to meet her on the agreed time, always excuse yourself politely, rather than wasting her time and ruining her day. Being honest is a core part of being a gentleman.
  • Respect also matters a lot when spending time with an escort. Don’t shout at her or use abusive language towards her for whatever reason. Some clients tend to get carried away by the night partying and alcohol indulgence. Unless you really know the escort you’re with very well, always avoid using dirty and obscene language in public. True, some girls love naughty men; but keep it polite at least while in the public.
  • It’d surprise many men to learn that women by general adore confidence in a man. Your escort of choice will like it if you can take the lead like a man and show the way! Lack of confidence, indecisiveness; avoid these like a plague if you want to impress any lady you fancy. Simply man up, hold her hand and lead her to your favorite restaurant. Be confident in who you are, feel free to share your fantasies with her without fear or fumbling.
  • Last but not least, surprises and treats never disappoint! Escorts love to be pampered and appreciated. Surprise her with candy and flowers once in a while, take her for romantic dinners when you can, and so on so forth. The moment a woman understands that she’s always on your mind and that your attention to her is unwavering, she submits to you fully. She’ll go out of her way to please you and satisfy all of your wants.

There’s no magic involved, you simply have to up your game and purpose to be romantic at all times. Your escort will love you more for that.

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