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What It’s Like to Be an Escort

What It's Like to Be an Escort

Being an escort can be fun and thrilling; you are exposed to many interesting people, you visit many places across the world meeting clients, and well, it pays handsomely. However, like with all jobs, escorting requires one to be disciplined and focused!  Some of the clients you’ll meet include wealthy and elite gentlemen, celebrities, and other VIP men.  You don’t want to ruin your chances of meeting them next time, you don’t want to misbehave or act in an unbecoming manner. Having said that, one has to realize that being an escort is not as easy as some people assume. Some of the leading escort agencies carefully vet all girls interested in being escorts; only the prettiest and most intelligent are picked for the job. Tens of women are turned away for not meeting the set criteria!

  • Once an escort has been successfully hired by an escort agency, she undergoes a training and induction process. In this training, she is taught among other things, basic etiquette and manners when meeting clients, how to dress properly for both formal and informal occasions, and so on so forth. The escorts are also emphasized upon on the need to preserve a client’s privacy and discretion; these are some of the pillars upon which the escort industry is built on. These lessons are vital and binding, always keeping the escort in check when in the line of duty.
  • Once an escort has completed her briefing and training, she can either work as an independent escort, or with an escort agency of her choice. Independent escorts often operate remotely and host clients in their apartments, or go to a client’s hotel room. Whatever the way, she sets her own rules. If the escort is working as part of an escort agency, it means that you have to go via the agency in order to reach her. This is often the safest way to get an escort since the agency takes time to vet and check on the escort they’re providing. With an independent escort, you may be unable to dig much about her.
  • As an escort, the ladies are exposed to many different kinds of men and women. These include foreigners who’re visiting London for business, to holiday, or for other purposes. C9onsidering that most London escorts are increasingly comprising of young university and college students, these meet ups play a crucial role. They may get mentors who work in industries relating to their courses. They also get to travel a lot. VIP escorts in particular are known to hop the globe from one city to the other. Milan, Madrid, Dubai, Los Angeles, Bali, Hawaii; most VIP escorts don’t stay in one place for long. This exposure makes them the ideal companions for the elite gentlemen who are looking for a classy girl to tag along expensive holidays and escapades.

The internet and technology have made the job of being an escort easier, and more fun. An escort need not leave home in order to meet the clients. The agency does everything for her, and the client is able to engage her afterwards with a deal. If you’re a curious guy seeking to learn more about escorts, simply talk to La Bella Affaire. They’re the leading escort agency in London.

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