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Things to do when you are Alone in London

Things to do when you are Alone in London

Being alone in London doesn’t have to dampen your spirits. Take that opportunity to venture out and discover what the city has to offer. Bring out the explorer in you. For one, this is a great opportunity for you to socialize with and meet great people. It’s your freedom, so if you are flying solo in London here are ways to fly even higher.

Museum and Sightseeing

Wherever you decide to go, London is packed with many eye candies. You can go to explore the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or visit the famous British Museum. These places will captivate you with fascinating history, art and architectural exhibitions that will make you forget that you are alone. Other places you can tour include the Sir John Soane’s Museum which has numerous paintings and sculptures from different time periods.

Live shows

London is packed with great theaters where you can go to join others and indulge in captivating shows. If you find yourself alone in London, use that chance to attend the West End shows for instance. Some of the great shows to catch include Against, Aida and Apologia among others. These shows feature stellar performances by various celebrities on stage. You wouldn’t worry about being alone here.

The London Markets

This might not be the ideal thing to do if you had a date, but now that you are alone don’t hesitate to go and pick up a bargain. Some of the most famous London markets include the Camden Market, the Borough Market and the Greenwich Market. The Camden market is the hub for fancy clothes, food and souvenirs. Spend your time browsing through the goodies here and you might just bag the best deal of your life.

Professional Escorts


Hop on Hop off Bus Tour

This is the most ideal way to explore the city expansively in a short period of time. The hop on hop off buses can take you anywhere you want to go within the city within a single day. You have the chance to get off and hop back on as many times as you want. Popular destinations include museums, the Tower Bridge, London’s Tower and the London Aquarium among others,

Singles Clubs

London is the right city for you to meet and party with single people. There are many singles in this city looking to hang out with likeminded people. In such clubs you will find a crowd made up of travelers, locals, students and other people looking to have fun and good times. Some clubs feature happy hours and live deejays that will serenade you while you enjoy the company of other lone rangers.

Drinking Solo

Find cool pub and order your favorite drink but don’t be shy to start a conversation with the person sited next to you. There is a form of excitement associated with bonding with a total stranger in a bar. If they are fun to converse with, you can choose to add them to your bucket list. According to research, this is the trick used by most singles in London to meet up with likeminded people.

London is filled with fun places and things to do and it doesn’t matter whether you have company or not. If you are open to the idea, it’s easy to find company along the way to join you in your explorations.

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