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Top Booty Escorts in London

Away Models

We at La Belle Affaire know by heart the kind and quality of escort service our clients desire. With these in mind, we have searched for the best and most alluring escort ladies from all over the world, and invited them to be part of our family. Amongst this extensive, unrivalled selection are an array of London booty escorts, who will dazzle you with their incredible curves. Interested? Then here is everything that you need to know about our bootylicious ladies!

Here at La Belle Affaire, our premium escort girls have passed through a series of interviews and training to make sure that we can continue to provide only the best escort service here in London. Here, we promise that our group consists of escorts who are premium, high class, top of the line, and sought after by our competitors.

The Most Gorgeous Booty Escorts

This page showcases our top selection of bootylicious escort ladies, the stunning girls that gentlemen all over London have been dreaming of spending precious time with. This page boasts of some premium escorts who all qualify to be on the front cover of men’s magazine, because of their attractive and eye-catching features, sexy, hot bodies, and big, round booties. In fact, some of our ladies do have experience as models, and will be happy to flaunt their incredible figures for you.

Their smiles are truly captivating, so much so that you will fall head over heels as soon as you see them. But please be wary that our booty high-class escort ladies are far more than just their model looks and mouth-watering bodies. This selection of booty escorts in London are charming and intellectual—talk about beauty, body, and brains! No wonder they are the booty escorts London clients just cannot get enough of.

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