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7 categories of High Class escorts in London

7 Categories of High Class Escorts

London is home to some of the best escorts in the world. Here you’ll find escorts to die for; polished, intelligent, and with natural abilities to disarm you with their charming smiles. To understand the various categories of the top class escorts in London, check the below list;

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  1. Mayfair escorts; Mayfair is a glamorous and expensive suburb in West London. The escorts found here are classy, and some roll with the Who- is - Who in the world. Their company doesn’t come cheap and as such, only the loaded, elite gentlemen can afford them.
  2. Knightsbridge escorts; Knightsbridge escorts are known for their etiquette and polished nature, the kind any guy would want to flirt with in public. Some have even rented expensive apartments, fully furnished, where they can spend quality times undisturbed, with their high end clients.
  3. Students; Part time University and College Students are also a major category of VIP escorts in London. Young and irresistible, most of them study in prestigious universities but have a passion for meeting new people, and offering professional company.
  4. Models; some top models also double up as high class models in London. They offer escort services during their free time.
  5. Freelancers; another interesting category is that of freelancer VIP escorts. They don’t work under any escort agency; they pick clients they like, without being bound or answerable to anyone. Some even vet their clients, and money to them is not always the gate pass to their hearts.
  6. Adventurers; adventurer high class escorts are rare, but they do exist. They are not just after a night with you, or a quick date. They want a whole package of a romantic encounter, visiting places, having outdoor fun for almost a whole month. They are popular with the elderly or the calm, who don’t want to constantly change escorts during their stay.
  7. Globe trotters; this high end London escorts will be found flying to Los Angeles this week to meet a high end client, Milan the other week to holiday with a client, and so on. If you afford their flight tickets, and compensate for their time, then they are always ready to come to you.

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