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Blondes or brunettes – who do you like?

Blondes or brunettes – who do you like?

There has always been a controversy on who has the most sex appeal: a blonde or brunette. With a saying that blondes have fun while brunettes are intelligent, it can be hard to decide which girl you'd rather have.  However, here in La Belle Affaire, you get to choose a girl based on her looks as well as her personality. If you are torn between the two, you can even book both and find out for yourself.

  • Blondes are universally seen as the epitome of beauty. The natural blonde hair is often considered rare as a result, ladies with this hair color tend to stand out from a crowd. Amongst a group of girls, a blonde is going to turn men’s head.
  • Blondes also have a fun personality and are willing to explore their sexual boundaries. Their hair makes the skin appear fairer and have a bubbly personality that makes them easy to approach. With this hair color, a lady looks more submissive and can easily be dominated. > Blonds keep life interesting (25 photos) : theCHIVE
  • Brunettes, on the other hand, have striking dark hair that tends to contrast with their skin. Therefore, their facial features tend to be more prominent. Their unique features will be readily noticeable; making each anyone of them look exotic.
  • Brunettes are also viewed as professional, independent and intelligent. Hence can be conversant and maintain a meaningful conversation about any topic with men of different status. Their mental ability equates to the idea of understanding more about the needs of their clients. Hence are better lovers and good at creating a connection with a man. She will dominate you and take control of giving as well as receiving pleasure.
  • Both blondes and brunets in La Belle Affaire love sex, and those who are quiet are wilder in bed. All are perfect for taking to dates, events and their expertise depends on experience. The longer a lady has been on the job, the better she can understand and comfortably meet the needs of any man.


There is no right or wrong girl based on her hair color. You must have an experience with each of them to find what works specifically for you. At La Belle Affaire we have escorts with different hair colors, so even if you love redheads or other modern colors like ombre, we will give you what you want. At the end of it all, we just want every client to get what they want and be satisfied.

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