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Clubbing With An Escort

Clubbing With An Escort

There are three basic ingredients to clubbing; it should be fun, it should be memorable, and it should be responsible! These three are what characterizes the right kind of clubbing; you have to have maximum fun, it should an experience that you always remember with dear memories, and yes, you have to do it responsible to ensure you pull through in one piece. Often, men like clubbing with their friends and buddies. The ironical thing about men is that most don’t like bringing their girlfriends to clubs they are visiting; yet once there, they start ogling and chasing anything in a skirt! To avoid this kind of a scenario, escorts are a perfect accompaniment the next time you wish to go clubbing. Some escorts are prettier, hotter than your girlfriend, but also very easy to get along with. Where your girlfriend would frown at you for doing one thing, an escort won’t judge or attempt to curtail the fun you’re having. She’s here to make your evening fun, memorable, in a responsible way.

It starts long before you’ve come to the club

Clubbing is an experience and like all experiences, one has to plan well in advance. The first step is thus to inform the escort about your intentions. Let her know the day you wish to out clubbing, what time, and for how long. You see, women say they love spontaneous men; yet they love spending ages preparing and deciding on just what to wear for an event that’s weeks away! Not your problem brother. Just let her know; some people prefer clubbing on a Friday night so as to nurse hangovers and rest over the weekend. Others have no qualms clubbing in the middle of the week, it suits them perfectly well.

Dressed for the occasion

Escorts are thrilled by the idea of offering a girlfriend experience to their clients. She’ll select the right dress for the evening, ensuring that she looks hot and irresistible for you. You’ll spend the entire evening throwing subtle but real looks at her cleavage, ogling at her legs each time she rises to head to the washroom; which is perfect, every woman ought to have her man’s attention 100%! Escorts are great dancers; some have enrolled dance lessons in the best dance schools. She’ll shake her derriere, grind against you till you’re all breathless and panting; and before you get carried away, she’ll pull back, kiss you with a naughty look on her eyes before holding your hand back to your seats for more conversation.

Always moderate your alcohol intake

There have been sad instances of clients who went clubbing with escorts but ended up drinking themselves silly. Remember, the essence of clubbing with an escort is not to gulp down drinks and shout yourself hoarse on the dance floor. Rather, this is a perfect moment to bond, get to know one another, and also enhance the chemistry between you two. Usually, it’s advisable not to take strong drinks like Whiskey; if you do, do so in moderation. Have a few drinks, go to the dance floor for 30 minutes or so, resume your seat and carry on with your conversation. The escort will find you more of a gentleman if you can control your alcohol intake when clubbing. No woman ever wants to carry her drunken man to the car or cab after a night out! By the time you arrive at your room, you’re too drunk to even kiss her goodnight, let alone make love!


Clubbing with an escort is fun, just take of the above tips to make your experience a memorable one.

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