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Dirty Words That Attract Escorts In London To Satisfy Your Dreams

Attract Escorts In London To Satisfy You

Although most people view the British as generally polite, cultured, and so on so forth, truth is that they can also be naughty at times. Just like in each culture, you’ll find some naughty and dirty words that are used by adults either for fun, or to describe what conventional words can’t.  This trend is more common with London escorts, most of whom are bold and daring; whatever it is that you want, you’ll get it from them only if you can describe it. Got that? Yet, some fantasies and desires are so wild, remote, “unthought-of ”, that they can only be described in dirty words! Actually, psychologists and relationship experts have found that dirty talk is a turn on to many women, if done correctly. In other words, just the mere mention of these words during love making, or foreplay is enough to excite her, and calm her down.

Dirty Words That Attract Escorts In London To Satisfy Your Dreams

Most of these words are from the street slang across London, and while some are funny, others may appear out rightly gross. In this article, we have compiled some of the dirty words that you can use with your London escort. But before we get there, a word of advice; dirty talk or words with your London escort should never be misconstrued for disrespect, rudeness, or demeaning her. Rather, they are part of play during sex. Know your boundaries, and take a moment to know the personality of your lady before blurting out some of these words. Mind you, some of the escorts you’ll find in the best agencies like La Belle Affaire Escort Agency are young, university graduates; these are still green and it’s prudent that you’re gentle and cautious with them.

  • Juice; all men have this wild fantasy of having their woman swallow their cum, or sprinkling it on her body, breasts, ass, face, etc. Now, the next time you have a London escort and you want to do any of these on her, you don’t tell her oh honey, can you swallow my cum or sperms; that would sound unromantic, almost improper! Rather, be creative and tell her something like Oh honey, you’re great, can I spray my juice on your boobs? That’s not only seductive, it sounds very right and proper for those intimate bedroom moments!
  • Lollipop; again, forget about the Hardcore porn movies where they talk of dicks repeatedly. Rather, London escorts would do better with a much creative, almost romantic term; lollipop. When your London escort tells you honey, am so wet can I suck your sweet lollipop? Don’t start fumbling in your pocket looking for the real lollipop; she wants to give you a BJ! Likewise, you could tell her something like oh, am so ready for you, do you want to feel my lollipop? The word “dick” is too American and is viewed as almost vulgar; a London escort will better associate with lollipop.
  • Slave; like aforementioned, men have some crazy and remote desires, some of which are even hard to describe. If your escort tells you that tonight, am your slave do all you wanna do with me; she means just that! This applies to men who love to have it kinky, with her woman bound on the bed or on a seat.
  • Rimming; rimming is a dirty word commonly used to refer to an instance where one person is having their butt hole licked and sucked gently. Some escorts offer rimming services; gently licking and prodding the butthole with the tongue has been found to be a huge turn, even leading to explosive orgasms. So during your dinner date as you’re getting to know one another, you can mention that you are into rimming; your London escort will perfectly understand you.


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