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Girls That You Know Might Be Escorts

Girls That You Know Might Be Escorts

Thanks to technology and especially the internet, we have changed the way we used to do things. Today, we have more people than ever before who are working from home, as long as they have a laptop and internet. Mothers on maternal leave or employees on sick leave can still handle a few tasks from home. Home owners can shop for groceries from the comfort of their homes, and have the items delivered to their doorstep. The escort industry hasn’t been left behind.  Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the streets to pick an escort for great times; with the click of a mouse or swipe of your Smartphone’s screen, you’ll have a bevy of beauties to pick from. As a result, we also have more girls offering escort services and you would never tell what they do.

A recent study in the UK revealed that a huge number of university and college students also double up as escorts. In other words, they look innocent and cool during the day as they study. But in the evening, they’ll be offering professional companionship to clients from far and wide. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as one is an adult and in control of her life, they have a choice to do whatever they wish to make ends meet. Another interesting thing to note is that today’s escorts don’t necessarily dress suggestively. For as long as most could remember, one could identify an escort due to their scanty dressing and revealing clothes that were meant to lure the client promptly. Today’s escort is young, decent, and even principled. She’s not desperate to meet just any client; she’s a queen who’s choosy, dictates her own terms. It’s thus very hard for a casual observer to know that she’s an escort.

Your next door neighbor, that single mom who’s always indoors raising her kid, but goes out for an hour or overnight on given days could be an escort! That young college girl who’s always being accompanied by men to her room could be an escort. Your own cousin, who works in a beauty parlor downtown London, could also be an escort! That pretty, shy lady you found at the club last night, danced the night away, exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet for lunch next week; she could also be an escort! Even your own sister who’s studying in college and hardly comes home often or asks for pocket money often; he could also be offering escort services!

In short, one just has to mind their business. Escorts, especially elite ones earn more than what an ordinary blue collar job earns annually.

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