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Harem of Escorts

Harem of Escorts
Harlem of escorts

When you see a woman who looks like the artwork of a gifted sculptor, your jaw drops, you have a momentary lapse of your surroundings and focus on the shouldering eyes, perfectly shaped face and sensual lips on the body strutting across the street. What if we told you that you can have that kind of woman and a lot more from one place?

La Belle Affaire is far from a regular escort service.  We are not about everything we offer as our ever growing clientele proves. Our girls have grit and guts and don’t compromise on giving anything but the best. Providing escort services to them is an art. They understand that it involves meticulous craftsmanship to provide a haven for those seeking companionship that comes with no strings attached. They are thorough too. None of your needs will be left unattended.

Suppose your goal was to release pent up emotions about your hectic business. Our girls are ready to compartmentalize that and chip into the conversation. For us, escort services supersede pleasure and racy escapades. Should you need those too, our girls are open-minded and creative enough to accommodate that.

We know that sometimes you need to show up at a function with a woman who fits the bill. If it’s a ball, she’ll waltz with you, if she needs to tuck her arm under yours and make you the envy of everybody else, she’ll hack it as well.

Planning a surprise bachelor party or any other party for your male friend can be a daunting task. Nothing beats the surprise of a pair of police officers to you, a bunch of sexy women with even sexier accents or women who can perform every move on a poll and leave your friend thoroughly entertained. Any other suggestions are welcome. We know role play is key to having unforgettable adult experiences. Our girls are well –trained on conduct. We promise you professional services and have no intention of breaking that promise.


Just as your mind won’t go out of ideas regarding what kind of adult fun you want to be served, we don’t run out of ideas on making our services better than they already are. Once you make contact and line out your wants, the rest will be taken care of. You will return for more.

If you’ve just decided to look for professional adult companionship, there wouldn’t be a better place to start. We’ll take you through the baby steps and do away with the jitters of being a newbie.

Every gentleman who seeks our services is treated with VIP attention. Your dealings in our adult men will be treated with utmost discretion. Our galleries include actual photos of our girls. You won’t sign up for a blonde and get a brunette or look for tall and get medium height. You get exactly what you ask for. It’s up to you to explore and see what else is in store for you.

We have a pool of different nationalities from North America, Europe, Asia, Canada and South America. Each nationality comes with perks related to physical attributes and personalities. You can have perky, serious, extroverted, sweet and much more.  You can also pick anything from full, slender, slim, tall, short and petite sizes and heights.

Our prices are rational and can be paid through widely used credit cards. Should you consider being part of us, our sign in process is easy and doesn’t involve filling out lengthy questionnaires or forms. Membership comes with bonuses at equitable fees.

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