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How Men Behave In Unhappy Relationships

How Men Behave In Unhappy Relationships
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Unlike women, men don’t show their emotions easily. Men don’t like complaining like women do; but that does not mean they are not hurting or they are not unhappy. A man in an unhappy relationship will find ways of covering it up. They will always find a scapegoat and pretend that everything is normal.

Relationships can be tricky and sometimes when two people have been married for so long let’s say for years, people tend to take their partners for granted and may be indifferent to each other’s feelings. This is when routine sets in and without knowing two people who once loved one another so dearly and who got into the relationship with the sole intention of remaining lovers forever, start growing apart. But how can a love so strong and vibrant just wither? This is a mystery that even the two people in that relationship cannot answer.

Well, in cases of unhappiness, there are choices that can be made. You can opt for a divorce or take the courage to fight for the relationship and make it work against all odds. People will stay for several reasons even if they are not happy. Some of the reasons why people stay in unhappy relationships are:

  • Immense guilt.
  • Fear of the harsh judgment by the society.
  • Fear of starting all over again.sexy escort from London

The reasons above will compel some people to stay together despite being unhappy. Staying or sticking together in most cases does not guarantee a better life and eventually syndromes of unhappiness will be evident in the lives of these two partners.

Men in such relationships behave differently from their women counterparts and some of the things men do to deal with unhappy relationships are:

Avoid you

A man in an unhappy relationship will always try to avoid his partner at all cost. This will present itself in the form of wanting to stay out with the boys, stay out a lot in the pretext of working just to avoid family time. In that way this man will build a wall between him and the partner so that they cannot interact at any time.

Be silent.

Men will always pretend that they are deep in thoughts just to avoid disturbance from you and that is a sure way of telling you that he doesn’t want to talk to you.

Alcoholism and women
How Men Behave In Unhappy Relationships

Those who drink will tend to indulge more in this vice just to numb that feeling and this may lead to infidelity. A man who is not happy will tend to have side chicks to fill that vacuum in his life.

Relationships don’t have to be frustrating, if it’s not working out, take that bold step and walk out or better still stay and make it work.

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