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How to achieve lifestyle when you have sexy girls around you

Achieve lifestyle when you have sexy girl
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When it comes to the life of the rich and famous, movies stars and singers especially, it must be easy for them to get any woman they desire. With all the attention they get, with all their wealth and rich lifestyles and literally hundreds of women just begging to be with them, it’s easy for them to meet sexy lovely girls and have them around all the time.

So how does an average Joe have hordes of sexy women around him all the time? What does it take to be a chic magnet?

Here are a few lifestyle tips on how to attract chics and have you own group of sexy girls surrounding you

  • Quality over quantity

    When it comes to selecting what you want in your life, quality trumps quantity any day. Invest in good, quality well-fitting clothes which bring out the best in you. Invest in classic pieces rather than go for trends and splurging on seasonal wear. Mix and match these pieces to ensure you are always looking your best. Invest in a few signature pieces like a good watch, a quality leather belt, leather dress shoes and a pair of quality casual shoes for those casual dates to ensure at all times, you look your best.
  • Scent

    It is important that you always smell your best. Scent is one of those senses which stand out in a ladies mind and if you want to leave your mark, invest in a good quality unique scent which works for you. Buying it as a package; a shower gel, aftershave and cologne will have a bigger impact and the scent will definitely last longer.
  • How to achieve lifestyle when you have sexy girls around youHome is where the heart is

    Make sure you take your time in making your man cave female friendly. This means ensuring you have a few but important quality pieces like a couch and your bed should be sturdy and mattress firm. Invest in a few features like art, photo frames and throws/cushions are inexpensive ways to add warmth to your home. Just because you are a man in your man cave, doesn’t’ mean it has to look and smell like a cave.
  • Order

    Women are drawn to order. So take time every week to tidy up and spruce up. Dirt and disorder seems to grow over time so be sure to tidy up after yourself. It will save you hours cleaning up every week when you might be too tired to do it and end up postponing it till it never gets done. Just get small tasks done like cleaning your cup of coffee immediately you’re done and you’ll be surprised by how neat your place will be over time. A neat space is also easier to maintain in the long run.
  • Health

    Start a healthy regime and stick to it. Find an activity you like and stick to it 2 – 3 times a week without fail. Start eating healthier and you will notice that this change will show. Your skin will look healthy and you will look leaner, meaning your clothes will fit better which is attractive.
  • Maintain air of mystery

    Sometimes a woman doesn’t want to know all there needs to know about you in one seating. Give some air of mystery especially when you are surrounded by gorgeous ladies. Ask more questions, listen and think before you speak. This will drive girls crazy.
  • Be a gentleman

    Be courteous, pull chairs, open doors and treat all women, whether young or old courteously and with respect.


With these fabulous tips, you are sure to achieve the lifestyle you desire to keep sexy girls around you all the time. Visit our blog for more lifestyle tips.

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