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How to become escort

How to become escort
How to Become ellite Escort

Say the word ‘escort’ and the chances of making everyone instantly uncomfortable becomes extremely high. Yet, this shouldn’t be the case, the term escort is not a dirty word which needs to be treated with secrecy or shame. It is the fundamental act of providing companionship. The need for company is universal and this comes naturally to all of us. Humans were made to socialize, to interact with one another. So what if it comes with additional perks; like gifts, travel and cash? The opportunity to meet new people, to show them around the UK, be an intimate friend to someone who needs it is what the essence of being an escort is and this is what La Belle Affaire upholds.

So now that you have considered it, how does one become an escort?

  1. Know your strengths

    One very important factor is self-awareness know your strengths. Are you a people person? Do you know how to make people relaxed, open up and feel at ease with you? Are you okay with your sexuality and you femininity or masculinity? Are you bold, do you like adventure and does the thought of meeting someone new thrill you rather than scare you? All in all, the most important thing is that you are comfortable in your own skin, you can hold a great conversation and interact well with others.
  2. Do you researchbecome London high class escort

    It is important to do your research and find out what agencies are available and what services they offer their clients. Are you looking to meet people, provide company for parties, dinner, exclusive events and the like or are you looking for something more exotic, like clients who are looking for VIP escorts to premium events, trips and the like? Keep in mind that each agency might have certain requirements for certain categories so find out what is on offer and decide what works for you. It is also great to merge expectations and reality so you know what to expect.
  3. Marketing

    In this internet age, marketing is important and most agencies have websites containing profiles of their escorts. There are some agencies which offer a professional photographer and you’ll be required to do a photo shoot while others ask you to put up your own profile. It might be a great idea to enlist a close friend to take your photos so that photos come out great.


If you are thinking of becoming an escort, joining La Belle Affaire would be a great start and decision.

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