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How to Employ Good Escort

How to Employ Good Escort
How to Employ Good Escort

The escort business is one of the leading businesses today. It has good returns only if the agency is legit and the escorts adhere to the rules set. Hiring and employing escorts can be a bit tricky especially when looking for perfection. There are many ladies who prefer being escorts rather than cheaply offering their services in the street as freelancers. However, there is a lot to being an escort other than satisfying clients’ hedonic thoughts. At La Belle Affaire escort agency, the ladies hired are all classy, smart, beautiful and sophisticated.

Below are a few tips you should know before employing and escort, most of which have been picked from La Belle Affaire, the premier escort agency in London;

  • Age

    La Belle Affaire is a legal running agency that is very competitive. Age is one of the very first considerations. Underage escorts are prohibited by the law and failure to comply will even cost you your whole agency. Be realistic and very careful when interviewing an escort.
  • Experience

    it is wise to know if the lady has experience as an escort. This is ideal because you are able to gauge whether she will go through intensive training or just a ‘fresher’ course. Experience is a plus in the escort business because it makes one sharp and gives room to grow and help others in the same industry.
  • Payment

    everybody who is employed has a payment target. It is good to know how much your escort wants to be paid and if your agency is up to it or not. Being an escort comes with several responsibilities and rules. It needs a person who is disciplined and business oriented at the same time.
  • Education

    at La Belle Affaire escort agency, all the escorts hired are smart and educated. It is recommended that you avoid hiring an uneducated person as such may be an embarrassment, to say the least. An educated escort is far more advantageous because they do know how to behave and are ideal for formal dates. La Belle Affaire has a good reputation of providing beautiful and educated ladies to their clients all across London.
  • All natural

    in this era it is hard to get a lady who has not undergone plastic surgery. La Belle escorts have natural bodies and those that have adjustments done have gotten it from the best plastic surgeons in town.


At La Belle Affaire escort agency, we make sure our ladies march up to your expectations. We have the best, all rounded damsels to entertain you.

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