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How To Have One Night Stand With A Girl From Club

How To Have One Night Stand With A Girl From Club

A one night stand is a gift to all bachelors and single men, or even married men looking for a quick romp. A one night stand spares you the usual commitments in a relationship that girls demand before she can let you get intimate. Contrary to popular assumptions, not all one-night stands are initiated by the man; women are increasingly becoming bolder and picking up guys they think will satisfy them in bed. Just for a night, and then part ways without any emotional attachments. But as a guy, you need to have your game ready every time you go clubbing; you’re likely to find a mature, understanding lady here who won’t mind a memorable one night encounter. The good thing about a club is that a majority of the ladies include escorts, both ordinary and VIP. An escort is always easier to convince to have a one night stand with, compared to just any other girl.

Why an escort?
How To Have One Night Stand With A Girl From Club
one night stand with an High class escort

Most ladies go out partying as a group; think of two sisters, or 3 classmates in college, 2 colleagues at work, etc. It’s always rare to find a lady going to the club alone, without any company. Thus, by the time you get her to notice you, or even join you at your table; you’ll probably have spent much on drinks with her, and her friends. And still after it all, you aren’t sure that she’ll accept to go home with you; her friends would never let her do that. Now, compare that scenario to an escort! An escort dresses up, takes time to look nice, and heads to a club to have fun. She’s open-minded, and would not mind the company of a charming gentleman. Some VIP escorts from reputable escort agencies like La Belle Affaire will even drive themselves to a club and pay their own bills.

Word of advice though; 

  • When picking a girl from a club for a one night stand, make it romantic from the word go. If possible, approach her when you are relatively sober; don’t be so intoxicated that when you wake up tomorrow to find her on your bed you’ll almost run away!
  • In that regard, take a light beer, or some tots of whiskey. A few tots of whiskey give you the guts and boldness to not just approach the lady you fancy in a club, but also ask her out to your place. Besides, it’s better to enjoy more drinks together, than approaching her when you’re so intoxicated and she’s a bit sober.
  • Like aforementioned, it’s always to advisable to go for an escort from the word go, than gamble with an ordinary girl who’ll desert you once she's finished her drinks. The trick lies in identifying some of the best clubs where top London escorts frequently. This is helpful because you’re able to get a variety of ladies to hang out with, dance, and ultimately pick to take home.Mayfair escort
  • Make sure that you’re very clear with the lady you’ve picked that you expect to have a good time with her at your place, or wherever you agree. Women can be funny at times; you’re busy kissing her, undressing her bra, and she’ll still ask ‘what are you doing?’ Other times she’ll dress up in the middle of the night and leave, just because you tried ‘touching’ her. Thus, before you leave the club to get a cab to your place or hotel room, it’s prudent to ensure she knows what you’re after. In any case, if you’ve enjoyed drinks, she let you dance with her, touch her and she didn’t resist; chances are that she too wants it as badly as you do.

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