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How To Tell If A Girl Is An Escort

How To Tell If A Girl Is An Escort

Being able to tell whether a girl is an escort or not is very important; it’ll makes things easier for you. When you’re sure that a lady is an escort, you’re able to approach her confidently and even express your requests whole heartedly. On the other hand, it can be a bit embarrassing, even problematic approaching a lady in a restaurant or club assuming that she’s an escort, only for her to turn out not to be. You risk being sneered upon, or even have her shout and raise her voice as she dismisses you. Below, we have list of quick tips on how to tell if a girl is an escort or not;

  1. Most escorts will inform you; most escorts, especially the professional ones will be quick to inform you that they are escorts, as well as the services they offer. Most know that for all they claim to be, most men are shy by nature; she’ll want you to make you feel comfortable by letting you know that she’s also game.
  2. Place of meeting; some streets or establishments in London are known to be the nerve centers of the escort industry. If you’re in a club or restaurant that’s frequently visited by escorts looking for client, then most of the ladies you come across are likely to be escorts.
  3. Escorts are naturally confident; long before an escort has confessed to you that she’s indeed an escort, you’ll observe that she’s bold and confident. While few women would have the guts to go to a bar alone and order drinks, an escort is very ok going alone dressed in her sexy, short miniskirt, and get perched on the stool at the counter as she sips her drinks. Ordinarily, most girls would prefer to go for drinks with their girlfriends.
  4. Dressing; forget the old, skimpy and slutty dressing that escorts were known for in the 70s. Today’s escort is able to look sexy without looking cheap, expensive without appearing aloof or boasty! Some elite escorts dress in the latest design clothes, can afford the most expensive perfumes, and will even pay their own bills when out on a date. Thus, the next time you come across that expensive looking lady who smells nice, ordering drinks and is alone; don’t shy away, chances are that she’s a VIP escort who’s open to meeting a discerning gentleman for unlimited fun!

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