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Ibiza, European Las Vegas

Ibiza, European Las Vegas

Ibiza in Europe may share the same name as the famous entertainment spot in Las Vegas, but it is in different is shape and form from the one in Las Vegas. First learn how to pronounce the name and save yourself from those embarrassing stares when describing it among friends. It is pronounced as ‘eye-bee-tha’. This hedonic paradise located in the heart of the Spanish islands is the ideal destination choice for a person looking for an extra touch of unique entertainment experience. Lively beaches and numerous crazy parties sprinkled throughout the vicinity makes Ibiza the European Las Vegas only that this time there are no casinos.

What to expect at the Ibiza in Europe

The place is always buzzing with activity from as early as 10 a.m and if you want to get the whole action, you need find accommodation near the lively beach.

  • Beaches; half -nude sunbathing, loud music and hot sand that will burn your feet are some of the common occurrences here. Beach clubs also offer soothing cold drinks to help you cool down the heat; although they can be quite expensive.
  • Mega clubs; if you have not known yet, people don’t come to Ibiza to relax, they come for the rave. So this is a mecca for clubbers and famous banging spots like Usuaia, Amnesia and Pacha play loud music throughput the night. With a seating capacity of more than 3000 people, surely you can find your space in here somewhere. Get ready to see world class Djs like Avicii. The ice canons form a spectacular view.
  • Dinner; although this may sound too reserved for a revelry spot like the one described there is the option of dinner with a date, but this does not  happen in early evening like 6 pm as in Ibiza that is lunchtime! The package deal comes with a free ticket to Club Pacha as long as you are willing to spend £90 per person for a dinner date.Ibiza, European Las Vegas

A word of caution

Risks abound in every club joint and it is no different here. Avoid unmarked taxis since you might end up paying inflated amounts for a short ride. If you see idlers and vagabonds stationed at the corners of the streets at night, some offering you drugs, kindly decline. Aside from these cautions, visit Ibiza for a truly amazing experience with great people, great clubs and just a fun atmosphere.

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