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Invite Elite Escort for clubs opening in Ibiza

Invite Elite Escort for clubs opening in Ibiza

When you are opening a new club at Ibiza, you need all the publicity you can get.  It’s true what they say; the best clubs are those that have the most beautiful girls. While the media can capture the glamor; having stunning ladies can further boost the popularity of the club. Having good looking models is the alluring element to a great house party, pool party and club opening.

  • With our girls, you are sure of getting frequent visits from wealthy businessmen and people who will not hesitate to pay a lot of money to have fun or enjoy the nightlife. The girls are well versed with knowledge. Hence can carry an amazing conversation about fashion, politics, business or life. They can soften the conversation when a man wants to close a business deal by making a good impression on the client.
  • Our Elite escorts are great company and create a friendly relationship so that the next time you come to the city you can opt for the same service. During exclusive VIP parties, use these girls as promoters, and they can attract big spenders who will be willing to pay for expensive drinks.
  • Our girls have good physiques just like models. You can book more than one girl because of the more sexy girls seen hanging around the club, the faster the attraction.
  • You can fly the girls to where you want to open a new club, and they will still be professional and do the entertaining for clients. Powerful customers that will frequent the club can eventually turn to be business partners or investors.
  • Their beauty and alluring bodies will be a plus size for the club owner as it helps to give a class to the place. Men and bisexual women will also want to view the club as it will be a place of entertainment and the main environment where they can interact and get to know these ladies.
  • Most of the elite escorts come in contact or socialise with diverse individuals including high prominent men in the society. They can then use their network of clients to recommend your club. Therefore, every time a customer wants to go clubbing, their escorts can vouch for the privacy and good times in your clubs.


Venturing into the club business is one of the things that require a lot of publicity, and you can easily do that by employing the services of Labelle affaire Escort Agency.

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