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Knightsbridge Escorts are the Best in Summer

Knightsbridge Escorts are the Best in Summer

Isn’t summer always such a wonderful time? There are so many romantic activities that you can do with one of our gorgeous escorts. Most of our stunning escorts offer girlfriend experiences and are always more than happy to accompany our elite gentlemen clients on dates. Summer is a great time for outdoor dates because you can be comfortably under the stars and will have numerous opportunities for more skin on skin contacts. Below are some awesome summer date ideas you can have with our beautiful ladies.

Knightsbridge Escorts are the Best in Summer
  • Horse riding

Horse riding is one of the great activities you can perform with a gorgeous woman. Our elite courtesans have hobbies and you will find some really great riders among them. You will have some enjoyable horseback ride at sunset and ride off to the horizon. This will create a since of calm and will bind the two of you to nature. Watching the sunset with a beautiful lady can be extremely romantic and will make your encounter memorable.

  • Cook together

Cooking can be extremely sexy and eating food you had prepared and cooked together will be quite the experience. You can grill and get some produce from the farmers market and chop, season, taste then indulge in your fine meal together. Later on you can enjoy her as desert, how about that?

  • Concert

You can get your groove on with a live band in the company of a playful and mischievous woman. A live outdoor concert are usually popular during summer and having great live music will create an instant romance that you and the escort will really appreciate.

  • Road trip

You and one of our elegant ladies can take a scenic drive with the stereo blaring, windows open or the top down. The site of her lifting her hands in the air and slinging along to the music will be the ultimate GFE. After a while, you can turn it down so you can get to know each other and make the drive even better.

  • Picnic

Picnicking never gets old. Whether you do it in the park, in your backyard or even at the beach, a picnic will create unforgettable experiences. You will sit down on a blanket with one of the sexiest women in London and you can choose to have a gourmet meal or even sandwiches, Making it candlelit will be even more romantic and both of you will enjoy it immensely.

  • Water activities

Getting into an activity that involves water is also very good in summer. A cruise on a yacht or a boat is an ideal idea and you will get the chance to view your lady’s great body in a swimsuit. We guarantee that with a La Belle Affaire escort, you will have a great day that will leave yoke mind wondering for days.

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