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What Factors Influence the Lifestyle Of People In London

The Lifestyle Of People in London

London has undergone much transformation in the past few decades. Fashion trends have come and gone, but by and large, the city still continues to be the Englishman’s city, the Queen’s City. There are several factors that can be attributed to the lifestyle of Londoners, and they include;

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  • British aristocracy; British aristocracy has always been, and will always be a part of culture and heritage for most Londoners. There is still a segment that holds dear the aristocrat’s way of life; from the love for golf, horse riding, and other sports for the elite. You’ll get some Londoners try to emulate the aristocrat’s sense of fashion, from cow boy hats and a moustache, with a cigar dangling from their lips.
  • British Monarch; many Londoners are still fiercely loyal to the British monarch. A foreigner may not understand why any holidays and anniversaries or events related to the Royal family have so much significance. You’ll find Londoners line up their streets with flags to cheer the Royal family; it is just something that is just so much a part of their culture.
  • Migration; over the past decades, many professionals, expatriates, and other migrants have come to London and made it their home. This mass migration has definitely had an effect with the London way of life. Today, you’ll find exclusive cafes selling Indian foods, African dishes. You’ll find Chinese, Americans, Australians, all living in London and still practicing their way of life.
  • Financial stability; this has definitely been a contributing factor in as far as determining the lifestyle of Londoners is concerned. When there was a global meltdown some years back, many people across the major cities lost their homes, jobs, and livelihoods. This was the case in Greece, in the US, even in Japan. But Britain remained largely cushioned from such, and the population in London has always been on the upper side of the middle class segment.
  • Liberalism; the London and British society at large are liberal, everyone minds their own business. Activism, opposition to government policies, freedom of expression; all these are very vibrant in London. Thus you’ll find ordinary people here ask their leaders tough questions to their face, citizens are civil and generally cooperative with law enforcers. Mind you, London is one of the few cities in the world where policemen do not carry guns and other lethal weapons. This tells you of just how tolerant the society is.
  • Orderly transport system; surprisingly, many years of a reliable and effective public transport system have greatly contributed to the lifestyle of many Londoners. Unlike other world class cities that are characterized by crazy traffic jams, numerous cars on the streets; Londoners prefer to leave their cars at home and travel to work using the underground tube, or public buses. This orderliness has meant that you’re likely to find many Londoners at the tube station, either sipping a hot drink or eating an ice cream, as they wait to board a bus or a train.
  • Pets; Londoners love pets; it is just a part of their lives. Most London apartments have pets, often a cat or a dog. It would surprise many to learn that in most London offices and work places, employees are allowed to bring their pets to work! Yes, they even have holding places where your dog can have a rest as you work in the office, before taking it back in the evening to head home. It is thus a taboo to be seen harming or abusing a pet in London; most Londoners would find that outrageous.

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