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Picking Up Women with an Escort

Picking Up Women with an Escort

Picking up ladies has been a productive behavior since time memorial. There are men that are known to be professionals at this act but others have no skills. Today, you are able to pick up a lady or make a move through the internet. But this has also not been as easy. However, there is a simpler way that can help you pick up women; by using an escort. Escorts are known to be professional models and are available in different races and nationalities. Women are thought to be complicated creatures but, having a beautiful outstanding model by your side can actually help you in scoring other gorgeous damsels.

Below are a few tips on how you can use and escort in picking up women
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  • Dressing the part

    escorts are well known to dress up in expensive dresses and shoes. If you hire one today be sure to dress the part as well. Picking up ladies is a huge task and they always notice the smaller things. Women are known to fall for rich and successful men easily than those who look shady. Therefore, set aside your regular weekend attire and put on your expensive suit.
  • Having fun

    having an escort by your side does not necessarily mean it will attract other women instantly. When you are at a crowded place like a party or casino, be sure to have fun and be involved in different activities. Ladies are very observant. Engage yourself in activities that you and your escort will enjoy as well as have other women noticing. This activities can be like dancing, gaming, gambling or telling jokes.
  • Exquisite places

    every man wishes to score women that are beautiful, smart and outgoing. There are many places available for picking up single damsels apart from parties like hotels, caPicking Up Women with an Escortsinos, pool bars and many more. You should choose a place where many single ladies reside and are willing to notice your pretty company. Your hired escort can also help with this.
  • Be confident

    every woman has different preferences especially when it comes to a man. However, if you are able to have a gorgeous damsel by your side (the escort) you should be confident enough to make small talks with other ladies that are equally beautiful. Be sure to look attractive, sound smart and be approachable. Your escort will provide a calm environment for ladies to notice you.


No one said picking up women is an easy task. But with the help of another woman, the task can be eased.

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