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Playboy Lifestyle

Playboy Lifestyle
live the Playboy Lifestyle

A playboy is a person who appreciates the pleasures of the world and especially of women. The lifestyle is basically for wealthy people who have ample leisure time to spare for having extreme fun. Traveling the world and engaging in the finest things the world has to offer including beautiful women, is the life to live. A playboy is a name that was used to refer to a conspicuous womanizer back in the early century. This culture of leisure enjoyed its glory days back in the 50’s and 60’s. Today, playboys are not as popular as they were in the past due to lifestyle improvement and technology. However, even though the term ‘playboy’ lost its spark does not mean they do not exist.

Below are ways you can follow and achieve being an international playboy

  1. Wealth

    being an international player requires one to have immense wealth. Most people are born to it while others struggle to get it. Being a player needs one to have ample time to spare and loads of cash to spoil on women and extravagant expenditures. Being a romantic can be an added advantage but money gets you to engage with the hottest girls, richest men, powerful friends and not forgetting dangerous liaisons.
  2. Culture

    having a high culture refers to having good taste for materialistic things. You have to be a good dresser, with expensive clothes, have an impeccable taste for different wine and food and also be informative and witty. Basically, you have to learn how the rich live. You must always have an open mind to ideas and thoughts.
  3. Playboy LifestyleDressing the part

    as a playboy, you should never disappoint people with the way you dress. You are supposed to be a charmer, a man every woman loves and wants to be with. Above all, you are a rich player who loves showing off the finer things in life. You can have your own designs or you can hire someone who will keep you up to date with the latest fashion. Having a wardrobe full of fresh, fashionable and expensive clothes is the way a playboy should live.
  4. Giving back

    as much as a player loves squandering his money with women and rich acquaintances, they should also learn to give back to the society. Fame and fortune is just but luck and good timing. As a playboy, you should also be recognized for helping the less fortunate.


The playboy lifestyle may seem all fun and glamorous but it needs someone who is dedicative and outgoing.

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