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Select The Right London Escort; A Slim, Slender One, Or A Fleshy, Busty One?

Select The best London Escorts

If you take time to browse through most escort agencies in London, you’ll find sexy images of slim, slender women staring at you suggestively, invitingly. And while this is a good thing, does it mean that there are no plus size models? For the men who crave for big, fleshy women, does it mean they are not catered for? Truth is that each man has his own taste and preferences when it comes to picking their ideal woman. Some like them thin, others like them thick. Some drool at the sight of a model with a big bust, others like a woman with a small bust. Whatever the case, the good thing is that London is home to all sizes of models, and if you conduct your search keenly, you’ll find your taste.

Kaya blonde VIP escort
  • Get a reputable escort agency; in order not be assured of getting the right London escort, be sure to pick them from a reputable agency like Dolls and Roses. This is because such agencies have a wide pool of damsels to choose from, all shapes and sizes.
  • Know your taste; it is common to find yourself confused by the numerous photos of model on an escort agency’s site and if you aren’t careful, you’ll end either with the wrong model, or be unable to select any. Thus, know yourself well in advance; know what you want before you go out looking for it.
  • Speak your mind; when contacting an escort agency, feel free to speak up your mind. Say the kind of lady you need, and you’ll be advised accordingly.
  • Consider experimenting; it is not enough to say that you prefer this type of a lady, or that type. Rather, be open minded, be willing to try out new things with new people. The shape or size of an escort is not really a determinant of the quality of fun you can have together. Rather, the trick is to establish he chemistry needed, and treat the ladies right.

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