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Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

Escort With Out Sharing Personal Details

What Are The Different Channels In Which You Can Communicate And Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

A few years ago, the term hacking was just like any other computer and IT jargon that few people would give a second glance. Not anymore. Government websites have been hacked, entire systems have been brought down and personal data stolen. Even credit card details, personal address details have all been stolen by scammers who end up fleeing the owners. At a time when escort agencies have all gone digital in terms of offering their services, you should exercise much caution when sharing your details out there. Always to give as little information about yourself especially if you are doing it online. The last thing you’d want is having your personal details shared by a third party, your nude photos and naughty messages publicized in an anonymous website.

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  • Don’t send your personal photos; why would an escort agency ask you to send them your personal photo? The role of an escort agency is to provide you with beautiful escorts; yours is to pick and have fun. Even when chatting directly with an escort via phone or live chat, always desist from sending photos of your face or such like.
  • Never share credit card details, driver’s license; when picking an escort, even when making payments, an agency should never ask you for copies of any personal document. These are later used to hack or compromise your bank account. Even for an agency that requires you to subscribe as a VIP member, you should never give all the information about you.
  • Nudes and selfies, avoid those; we all love the thrill of taking a selfie to capture a magical moment. When in the company of a pretty, sexy escort, most men would be tempted to want to take a photo together either when eating out, clubbing, watching a movie, or whatever. If you have to do such, always take the selfie from your phone. Besides, some escorts don’t allow clients t take photos of them without first informing them. Thus, always seek for permission politely. On the same note, avoid taking any nudes or pornographic videos of moments spent together. It is actually against the policy of most agencies not to allow any clients to take such images of their escorts.
  • Whatsapp is safe; if it comes to a point where you want to take your affair with an escort to the next level, you can always chat using Whatsapp. Whatsapp recently encrypted all their communications meaning that you can chat with your escort, exchange photos and images, audios, without fear that the escort agency is eavesdropping or gathering info about you. Other forms of communication can easily be hacked, and your personal information stolen. But with Whatsapp, you don’t have to worry about such.
  • Pay in cash; if you really wish to remain anonymous and with little evidence of your activities, then paying in cash is always a nice way out. Cash leaves no trails, unlike credit cards where you have to include personal details, others your finger print when swiping.
  • One on one meet ups are safer; lastly, desist from too much back and forth communications with the agency; whether via email, live chat, or whatever. Rather, visit the agency one on one, or arrange for a coffee date with the model one on one so that you get to know her, built rapport.

As a gentleman, you have to be very smart and smooth in the way you play your game when with an escort. You want to have fun, but also in a responsible way that will ensure that you do not lose any of your items, or personal data.

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