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Things That You Shouldn’t Do With an Escort

Things That You Shouldn’t Do With an Escort

The escort industry is a growing business due to the services they offer. Hiring and spending time with an escort is timely and costly. However, the memories you will get are unforgettable. The best escort agencies around offer beautiful curvaceous models from different races, skin color, height and nationality. All the escorts have different preferences and can be hired for different dates. Escorts are paid for the time the client wants to spend with them. It’s only gentlemanly that you are polite, courteous, and generally respectful.

Below are a few things you should not engage in with an escort.

  • Do not ignore boundaries

    each and every escort has rules and guidelines to abide to. As a client, abide to the set of rules the agency and the model has set up. An escort can call off the date immediately if she feels uncomfortable or threatened in any way. Rules are set to be followed and not to be broken.
  • Do not try to negotiate for the price

    when you have decided to hire a beautiful escort model from a specific agency, there rates are always indicated well in advance. Just like any other business, escorts have bills to pay. Actually, there is an old adage in the escorting world; real men don’t negotiate, they just pay! In any case if you appreciate the value of what you’re getting from the escThings That You Shouldn’t Do With an Escortort, you should have no qualms honoring your part.
  • Date cancellation

    An escort is always bound by time; if you want to make a cancellation, always inform her right away, and be courteous enough to make an apology. It doesn’t mean that you are a weak man; it means that you are a caring, and responsible gentleman. She is likely to like you the more for such.. You can always arrange for a meet up later when you have time to spare.
  • Do not get personal

    An escort will drive you crazy with her looks, moves, even mere presence. Yet, never allow yourself to get carried away 100%. Emotional attachment with escorts is not a wise move because most don’t always like being boxed in with a single client. Stick to business; set the type of date you want, enjoy yourselves and later on have the best experience behind closed doors.
  • Do not be rude/mean

    escorts are professionals at satisfying your fantasies and desires. Do not be rude to them or demean them. If so, they can cancel the appointment as well as put you off as a client.


It takes two to tango; the escort has a role to play in pleasing you, and you too have a role to act a gentleman, and create the ideal atmosphere for fun.

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