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Things To Remember When You Start Your Day With An Elite Escort For The First Time In Your Life

Start Your Day With An Escort in London

What makes an elite escort different from an ordinary escort? Well, there are several reasons for this. The thing is, an elite escort is exclusive, and she never avails herself to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Her rates are higher than an ordinary escort; she decides who she goes out with and who she doesn’t feel like. In most cases, an elite escort also doubles up as a model, actress, or basically someone who has clout. She is confident, she has the looks, and she challenges you to go get her! Which is why, every time an elite escort agrees to hook up with you, you have to be very excited. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Spending time with an elite escort for the first time in your life? Below are the Dos and Don’ts

  • Personal hygiene matters

    Long before you have started your day with an elite escort, ensure that your personal hygiene matters a lot. Shower thoroughly, shave your armpits, use a body cologne if you can; make effort to look good for your date. An elite escort is like a celebrity in her own way, she commands attention. The last thing you want is to show up next to her shaggily dressed, smelling of sweat and the likes.
  • Budget well in advance

    It’s very important that you have budgeted properly when meeting with an elite escort for the first time. Apart from her agreed rates, you may need to spend some amount eating out, watch a movie together, go shopping, etc. You’ll need to have your credit card with you, or have some cash at hand for such expenses.
  • Be punctual

    An elite escort operates strictly on time. If she promises to meet you between 8 am and 7 in the evening, you’d better be there on time! The fact that you’re paying to have her company doesn’t mean that you can waste her time or have her wait for you for endless hours. She’ll like you more if you are punctual.
  • A little romance and creativity

    The key to making a lasting impression on an elite escort for the first time is by being creative, and a bit romantic where possible. She’s still a girl and the end of the day and like most, she would not mind some flowers, candy, or other gifts to surprise her. You are likely to enjoy an escort’s company if you show her that you have genuine interest in her as a woman, let alone an escort.
  • Be civil and polite in your language

    Always measure your language when meeting an elite escort for the first time. Vulgar and dirty jokes, expletive phrases; the fact that you’ll have adult fun doesn’t qualify you to use improper language. Unless you know the lady very well, it’s better to always be courteous and polite.
  • Confidence is king

    Lastly it pays to be confident when spending time with an elite girl for the first time. Don’t be shy of candidly speaking your mind; most are open minded anyway. Elite escorts like it when a man is confident both on the streets and behind closed doors. Others may be the shy type and unless you’re confident enough to take charge of the meetup, you’ll mistake them for being aloof. Confidence also means being able to hold her hand when together, opening the car door for her, pulling a chair at the restaurant; such subtle gentlemanly gestures will go a long way in impressing the elite escort.

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