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VIP Escort Gallery- A Study on Qualifications to Be A VIP Escort

Study on Qualifications to Be VIP Escort

There are certain general guides that have been written about how one can become a professional escort but not so many have been written to guide young and sophisticated ladies on becoming elite escorts. A high-end escort or a courtesan is a professional companion who caters to refined gentlemen looking to be with more than just a pretty face. When you are an elite escort, you don’t get promoted through demeaning pictures in state of nudity or even through just physical attributes. You will get promoted when a gentleman is searching for a real woman, one who is fresh, authentic and has another business apart from escorting. You will be a true companion who will provide emotional intimacy, physiological support as well as mental stimulation. Of course, you should look amazing in a bikini but that should be just the cherry on top. You will not be viewed as a mere sex object.

VIP Escort Gallery- A Study on Qualifications to Be A VIP Escort

When you are a high class escort, you are required to deeply connect with your clients. You will meet fewer dates so that you can retain your exclusivity as well as freshness. This is exactly what the elite gentlemen want and pay for. You will be an authentic person and not just a worker and you will just meet sophisticated gentlemen. Of course, you have to understand that not every woman can be an elite escort. However, here at La Belle Affaire escort agency, we will help you discover your dream by sharing some secrets on how to become a professional elite escort.

Things you should have to qualify as an elite escort

Your overall look

Before anything else, this should be very obvious in this industry, which is more based on looks. You have to be fresh-faced, have a flawless complexion, pleasant features and be classically beautiful. Tattoos are not a good idea and your hairstyle should suit you at all times. You cannot possibly wear pink or lavender hair in this business it will look unprofessional. It is best if you are naturally beautiful instead of opting for cosmetic surgery.

Lifestyle and physique

Apart from looking beautiful, you need to be physically fit. Not that there are certain shapes or sizes needed but your physical condition needs be phenomenal. You will be on elite level, much so like models so you need to take good care of yourself. You should eat right and workout on a regular basis. If you have eating disorders, a nonchalant approach to your overall health or a fluctuating body, you will have no place in the business. You need to be exceptional and you need to act like it.


You can be educared in two different ways. There is traditional education, which is necessary but is seen as rather bourgeois by the elite. Then, there is the organic education like art, travel, theater and interaction with other cultures. You can be compassionate and emotional towards the opera and even though you will not learn such traits in universities, you need to have them to be a courtesan.


You need to be yourself, to have developed your natural personality. If you have a light hearted and tolerant with as curious nature, you will go very far in the industry. You should be kind, dignified, graceful and calm in unfortunate situations. You also need to be open-minded and have deportment otherwise; you will not qualify to be elite.


There are other many things you need to be like intelligent, reliable, trustworthy, prompt and a lady of integrity. Make sure you dress right without showing unnecessary skin, wear the right shoes as well as the right amount of makeup.

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