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Things You Should Expect From La Belle Affaire VIP Escorts In 2016

Things You Should Expect From Us

London escorts have clearly made a name for themselves and emerged as some of the classiest, most sophisticated escorts anyone can ever find in any city in the world. London high end escorts, commonly referred to as VIP escorts have been known to entertain the who is who in society; from famous celebrities, to elite business people, wealthy investors visiting London, all these form the client base of these VIP ladies. Some of the most famous VIP escorts in London are found at La Belle Affaire; La Belle Affaire escorts are synonymous with class, sophistication, as well as hot looks that would even make the Pope reconsider his celibacy vows. They are like a magnet that few men can resist. These La Belle Affaire high end escorts have been at the top of their game for decades, but even as 2016 is finally here with us, below are some things you can expect from these cuties this year;

  • More stunning beauties; in 2016, you can be sure that the VIP escorts at La Belle Affaire will keep getting more beautiful, with more stunning looks. Because more and more escort agencies are emerging within London, offering VIP services, La Belle Affaire has upped their game to remain at the top. They have invested in young and pretty models, with firm breasts and long legs, the kind that will leave most men drooling.
  • Diverse nationalities; in their pursuit of satisfying clients from all nationalities, La Belle Affaire will surely offer VIP escorts of diverse nationalities, or those capable of speaking different languages. Therefore when in need of a VIP escort who speaks your language, be it Arabic, Italian, German, Spanish, French, or even Chinese, then La Belle Affaire shall be the place to turn to. As the global economy opened up last year, and more and more visitors visited London, escort agencies had to think fast of how to satisfy clients who couldn’t speak English, or who preferred to spend time with an escort of their nationality. That’s why this year you can expect La Belle Affaire escorts of diverse nationalities to be so readily available.
  • More flexibility; traditionally, clients identify the VIP they are interested in, and later go spend quality time at their hotel room for the duration they are together. But there is something so thrilling and romantic, about a lady who can host the guy at her place. For most men, it is usually a turn on, and such a great feeling. At La Belle Affaire, high end escorts are increasingly renting or acquiring apartments and bungalows, where they host their clients. These apartments are tastefully furnished, and offer the privacy and discretion that most clients so much yearn for. This trend is likely to continue in 2016, it is what most clients are asking for anyway.Delicate sexy brunette woman lying in lingerie, relaxing. High class escorts
  • Romantic packages; if you plan to hire the services of a La Belle Affaire VIP escort in 2016 then you better be prepared for a pleasant, romantic package! These VIP escorts are not for anyone, they are for the gentleman who has the financial muscle to afford the best feminine company that Mother Nature has to offer! Thus, unlike the traditional meet, then pay, spend quality time together kind of arrangement, a VIP package from La Belle Affaire may include a retreat to the serene countryside for a day or two, followed by a visit to the beach, or a train ride from London to some other destination within the EU. In other words, be ready for something adventurous and truly romantic when you hire an escort from this famed agency.



La Belle Affaire VIP escorts are the top cream of the escort industry in the UK; you can expect things to get better and more satisfying in 2016.

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