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Why Girls Become Escorts

Why Girls Become Escorts

Escorting is different from prostitution. While prostitution is pegged on earning money by offering different forms of sexual pleasure, escorting is largely pegged to a company and getting paid for the company. In the last two decades, escorting has become a well-appreciated and flourishing industry. Agencies offering the services go to great lengths to make it as professional as possible. The escorts are recruited after a background check is conducted along with interviews to gauge intelligence and mannerisms.  The clientele is largely made up of prominent people or extremely busy people who want to have whatever little fun they can. Escorting has attracted many women for varied reasons.

Earning Money for Having Fun
Why Girls Become Escorts

Most people will argue that every job has its challenges and is always accompanied by fatigue. If fatigue is experienced during escorting, it’s always tied to too much partying, sitting for hours on a plane or waltzing in a ballroom. When this is compared to writing tons of reports, making endless phone calls or lying under a vehicle with tools tied to your waist, then escorting is fatigue free. In addition, every expense incurred on the job is handled by the client.

High-end escorts are known to earn up to £1000 per hour. That’s more than most people in the middle-class earn.


Most agencies don’t interfere with the level of intimacy shared between a client and an escort. Some policies allow the escorts to choose how far they are willing to go. In most cases, a client will be aware of what they should expect and what not to expect before they meet the escort.

Inadequate Job Opportunities

Attaining sound tertiary education certification doesn’t always result in landing a job. Worse, the bills won’t stop coming because you don’t have a job. Escorting becomes an easy choice especially for women who are good looking. Sometimes, the escort ends up meeting clients who later help them find a normal job.

beautifull girl

A prominent person will definitely have travel plans to the most exquisite places and functions. When you’ve been hired just to look good an important someone’s arm, the glamor is never ending. Escorting for renowned people presents opportunities to rub shoulders with the high and mighty.


Due to the type of clientele high-end escort agencies serve, security measures are put in place for the sake of both the client and the escort. Escort agencies depend on discreetness and professionalism to retain a particular clientele.

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