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Why Men Like Shy Escorts

Why Men Like Shy Escorts

Men admire different traits and qualities in escorts. And surprisingly, one such aspect is shyness. There’s something about a shy lady that drives men crazy. A shy woman is inviting, she begs to be reassured, welcomed, loved, before she can pen up; men are often too willing to do just that! Here at La Belle Affaire, we have some of the most bashful escorts in the industry who have proven over time to be more than just their appearance. We have a collection of young, pretty, and shy girls who guarantee you of the ultimate experience.

  • They Know How To Keep To Themselves

People go for escorts for different reasons. One of the reasons is just to find someone they can share good moments with, someone who will not judge them. Shy escorts are the best when it comes to this. They know how to keep secrets; thus any secret is safe with them. They make you feel secure and safe. You can tell them just about anything without ever doubting their loyalty.

  • They Offer Men a Challenge

Before knowing what pleases a shy escort, you will have done your work well. They don’t give out information easily, thus posing a challenge to most men. With the nature of men as natural ‘predators’, this is a good thing. Men love such kind of challenges. They feel more manly and are able to showcase their pickup lines and seduction skills. This is a turn on to men by itself. They feel more like victors once they are able to beat the challenge.

  • Men Feel Like Dominators

Some men feel good by the mere fact that they control everything. With shy escorts from La Belle Affaire, this is an easy feeling to achieve. No man wants to feel dominated; they all prefer a submissive and laid back kid of girl. Most escorts at La Belle Affaire are a perfect example; their shyness and innocent looks are an appetizer that makes every man want to win them over.

  • They Are Mysterious

Shy escorts are generally reticent and are more of listeners than talkers. They rarely talk about themselves or say anything for that matter. They love being behind the scenes of every situation. This contributes to their mystery. They are difficult to understand unless you take a good amount of your time. Men love this about them. It makes things less boring as there is always a new thing to look up to. Men are eager to find out what’s behind the silence and this is more like giving them a run for their money.

  • They Are Caringwhy-men-like-shy-escorts

Shy escorts, especially from La Belle Affaire, will show their appreciation using actions. As such, they will go out of their way just to make you feel good. Considering that they don’t talk much, they will strive to show you that they appreciate you by all means. They are also be very keen and will learn more about you faster. With the information gathered, they will give you pleasure that you most certainly have been longing for the whole time.

  • They Are Perfect For Events

Shy escorts know how to carry themselves in public areas, for example on dinner date. They are very lovable, and if you bring them along to a business meeting, everyone is likely to fall in love with them. They are charming and well-mannered. These escorts have a delicate nature that helps them stay composed and not to react even in bad situations. This is why men like shy escorts.


The above traits of shy escorts make them lovable. Make your fantasies reality today and book shy escort from La Belle Affaire.

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