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Why You Should Never Trust Cheap Escorts? Why People Regret After Choosing A Cheap Escort

Why You Should Never Trust Cheap Escorts

When every man is going out to pick an escort, he expects to hook up with a nice lady by all standards. This is in terms of her looks, dressing, character, and basically class. The classier, the better. But there are many a man who have gone ahead and booked an escort, only to end up disappointed and upset by the experience. Cheap is always expensive. If all you are considering when booking an escort is the amount you have budgeted, then you aren’t likely to end up with the right kind of girl. Cheap escorts will always prove to be more of a liability than an asset. If you want the real deal, it is better to spend slightly more and end up with a classy, pretty escort, than pay little and force yourself on a girl you aren’t into.

  • Most people who have picked a cheap escort tend to regret almost immediately that she shows up! Long before you have even had chance to have fun, her arrival is disappointing. Reason? Most are used to offering their services cheaply and thus don’t take much effort into looking good. They don’t always invest in the best clothing or shoes, handbags; this is unlike a high class escort who does all it takes to look good for you.
  • Secondly, most men realise that cheap escorts aren’t as hygienic as the high end escorts. The fact that a cheap escort charges cheaply means that she strives to hook up with several clients on a given day or night; for a high class escort, all that she needs is one serious client, and she’s ready to stick to him the entire night. You have qualms kissing a cheap escort’s neck, entire body, or even going down on her! This oughtn’t to be the case; an escort should be fully desirable, from her looks to her hygiene!
  • Most cheap escorts tend to over imbibe in alcohol, occasionally on drugs. On a typical night, a lady ought to drink moderately; most VIP and high class escorts always drink lightly when in the line of duty. But a cheap escort will just drink and drink, till in some instances you may be forced to carry her to your place! This can be annoying, embarrassing, or the end of what would have been a great night together. This is a lesson most men have learnt the hard way with a cheap escort.
  • Another familiar tale that never escapes most people who pick cheap escorts, is the loss of personal items and property. Mobile phones, watches, wallets, belts, jewelry; a cheap escort is likely to make away with such on a night out, compared to a high class escort. The fact that a majority of cheap escorts are freelancers means that they are not answerable to any agency. They are thus harder to trace or hold accountable in case of a theft or unfortunate incident. Elite escorts on the other hand know very well that their conduct is always being scrutinised by the escort agency; they would hardly attempt to steal from a client.

Most people who book cheap clients do so, not because they cannot afford a better escort, but out of ignorance. Some learn the hard way! To avoid falling victim, always opt to spend a bit more and get better services. An escort with class is a turn in every way; her mere presence makes you feel complete and special. A cheap one on the other hand is not even someone you’d wish to be seen with in public!

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