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Why you should try a taller escort

Why you should try a taller escort

Take a step back from high heels and embrace the beauty of a tall, leggy escort. Nothing beats seeing her walk right through the door in her sexy Louboutin heels that show off her long

tall escort from dolls and roses

gorgeous slender legs. This might be the epitome of every man’s fantasy. Whether tall or short, men tend to find the extra height quite sexy. It might be the assumptive on that every tall girl equals a model that strikes their attention most or the confidence these tall women seem to portray. Nevertheless, here are a few reasons why we think it’s best to settle for a tall female companion.

Why Tall and sexy?

  • They are what the society deems the ideal woman

    When you look at every modeling agency in town or the cover of every cosmopolitan magazine, it should be no surprise to find a tall, beautiful cover girl filling up the pages. Our social fabric has been engineered in such a way that makes tall the perfect height. For this reason, a majority of men tend to like these sexy leggy women, especially in a short tight dress to show off some skin. So why not hire her for a great night out in the town? Here at our elite gentleman’s escort agency, we have plenty of women who have the height and the glamor that is associated with all our high-end customer needs.
  • They are attention grabberswhy-you-should-try-a-taller-escort

    Tall women always stand out from the crowd. Their slender curves well-contoured bodies draw appreciative glances wherever they go. When you enter a room with a willowy blonde, or a stunning brunette be prepared to become the main topic of discussion. It’s no wonder you won’t miss seeing one in the arms of your favorite celebrity. With that in mind if you are the kind of gentleman who likes to be perceived in a certain why not make us your escort agency? As you can tell from our fine gallery, we have 5.7 to 5.10 beautiful blondes and brunettes who will enhance your perceived status as well as provide sensual and elegant company for the forthcoming evening.
  • the-benefits-of-having-tall-escortThey are super confident

    A taller beautiful woman is naturally more confident, more so our very own tall escorts who are super proud of their height and walk tall in every sense of the word. Our fun and imaginative beauties love nothing more than to lavish their attentions on their partners in the intimacy and privacy of a hotel room or in-call can provide. No wonder it’s no surprise to find a taller gentleman wanting to spend time with a beautiful woman who is on the same level intellectually and in the literal sense. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to spend time with a lady who looks like she has just shot the next issue of Vogue or is rocking New York’s fashion week runway.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes

    getting those fabulous long, colt-like legs that give makes them more desirable. With a pair of stylish heels on, their stance is breathtaking in all situations. All men have a certain preference as to the kind of woman they desire. Some men favour the breasts, others the bum but for most, it is the long, slender legs that they find so desirable sexy. Our tall London escorts have the most beautiful legs as well as all of the other qualities too so if you are tired of dating women who are petite or on the more diminutive side, why not spend time with our confident, self-assured tall London escorts.

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